Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Diet and Caries Associated Bacteria in Severe Early Childhood Caries

Title: Diet and Caries Associated Bacteria in Severe Early Childhood Caries
Authors: Palmer, et al
Journal: J Dent Res 89(11): 1224-1229
Year: 2010
Resident: Hofelich

Key points:

  • frequent consumption of cariogenic foods and bacterial infection are risk factors for ECC
  • authors did a short diet survey that focused on frequency of foods and types of foods and plaque bacteria PCR
  • children aged 2-6 years old, medically healthy, full primary dentition, had not used antibiotics in the last 3 months, and parents signed informed consent
  • 72 severe ECC children
  • 38 caries-free children
  • S-ECC children had higher scores for juice in-between meals, eating frequency, estimated food cariogenicity, and solid-retentive foods
  • Strep mutans, Strep sobrinus, and Bifidobacteria were associated with S-ECC children
  • S. mutans and S. sobrinus were associated with lesion recurrence 
  • S. mutans positive children had higher food cariogenicity scores
Assessment: We ask many of the same questions during our ECC appointments. It is important that we educate the parents as to what causes caries and how to prevent caries.  

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